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We take pride in the quality of all our machines and believe that our dynamometer systems are the finest manufactured.

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Transport for London (TFL) ULEZ

Dynamometers and Software now available.


Sub Contract Laser Cutting Service

Dyna Pro has invested in an Amada Laser Cutting machine. Currently being commissioned.

We will be offering a sub-contact laser cutting service. Most metals, plastics and wood.


Latest Software Released

The latest release of ‘Dyna Run V3’ Dynamometer control software Version 3.23.0 has now been released to all registered users.


Updated Ignition Pick-Up

Newly developed and updated Ignition Pick-Up System, please contact Dyna Pro for more information.


Used Equipment Section

There is now a 'Used Equipment' section with our current used stock list. All used equipment comes with a manufactures parts warranty, and can be dispatched immediately.


New Online Shop (Coming Soon)

There will shortly be an online shop for all spares and accessories for your Dyna Pro Dynamometer. Secure check-out with the confidence of Pay-Pal.

Orders will normally be dispatched within 24 hours. 



Current News


Transport for London (TFL) ULEZ

Dynamometers and Software now available.


New version of Dyna Run V3 has now been released.

Version 3.23.0 of Dyna Run software has now been released to all registered users.



Recent News


Dyna Pro to Release Car Dynamometers


Dyna Pro Dynamometers have announced the release of there Car Dynamometers, the first two models will be capable of 600 hp and 1000hp.

More details to be released soon.




Dyna Pro Dynamometers Quality.


S125-LC Dynamometer


Dyna Pro Dynamometers Ltd is the largest manufacturer of professional Motorcycle, Kart & ATV chassis dynamometers in the UK. Dyna Pro Dynamometers has a strict policy of continual investment and product development in all areas of motorsport, in a market that is being driven by increased technological advances. We have exciting new developments and products, which will be released over the coming months and years, to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the industry.


  • Precision Manufactured maintenance free design
  • Choice of Low ,Medium or High Inertia systems
  • High Speed data acquisition (1200 samples/sec)
  • Intelligent Inductive Pick-up System
  • User friendly Windows software
  • Free Software Updates
  • Unrivalled steady state testing
  • Correction for climatic conditions
  • 12 Data logging channels as standard
  • Consistent, comparable, repeatable
  • Superior British Quality


Eddy-BrakeMPUPAU PSUDrive Roller 


Dyna Pro Dynamometers Ltd enjoys the latest high-tech premises and employs a highly skilled workforce specializing in precision sheet metal work, CNC Punching, Laser Cutting, Folding, Welding, Electronic and Software design and development. The latest CNC equipment has ensured that Dyna Pro’s quality remains unbeatable.


We take pride in the quality of our machines and believe that our dynamometer systems are the finest designed and manufactured systems available. Nothing to hide, that's why you can have a look inside our machines, as good on the inside as the outside!



Eddy-Brake Air Ducting 

The Dyna Pro Eddy Current Load control unit is the
only system within the industry that actually ducts the
hot air away from the retarder to aid cooling via
custom exhaust ducts. Most other systems fit the
retarder in the case and allow hot air to circulate
around the retarder thus affecting efficiency of the
Infra-Red Temperature Sensor 

Infra Red Temperature sensor continually monitors
the temperature of the retarder. A retarders efficiency
diminishes with heat, the Dyna Pro heat compensation
control system allows the load cell to always apply the
same load no matter what the temperature of the
retarder, this ensures complete load repeatability
between runs. Dyna Pro is the only company to use a
system of this kind as standard on all our Load Control


Safety Air Brake fitted as standard on all our European
Machines. 30mm thick ventilated disk brake with an
industrial air caliper.
Load-Cell Torque Arm 

The Load Cell Torque arm is a critical part of the
measurement system, flex in this part of the load cell
can give inconsistent readings. Dyna Pro use a 10mm
thick, laser cut arm to eliminate any possibility of torque
arm instability.

S-Cell Sensor 

Dyna Pro fit a 500kg S-Cell as standard, this is also
coupled to an Anti-Vibration damper for more
consistent results.
Chrome-on-Glass Encoder 

Dyna Pro offer an option of a 60 pulse Chrome-on-Glass
 Encoder which gives superior data definition which
enables the drum speed to be controlled more
accurately. On a load control dyno there is a very fast,
continuous data loop taking place, and, especially
under static testing, capturing more drum data means
the corrections sent to the eddy brake are in turn
faster and more importantly, more accurate.

MPU Controller 

Microprocessor acquisition unit from the rear, every
part of a Dyna Pro Dynamometer is custom built in our
manufacturing facility.

Drive Roller 

Precision machined & Balanced drum, starter motor as
standard, battery tray and acquisition unit.

Load Cell PSU 

Dyna Pro's Drive Roller Chassis is probably of the
heaviest construction in the industry. Manufactured
from 5 & 10mm Steel, Laser-Cut, folded and fully

Load Cell PSU 

Dyna Pro's 'High Speed' Load Cell Power Supply Unit,
designed, developed and manufactured by Dyna Pro.
Unlike anything else available on the market it has been
designed specifically for dynamometer retarder control.


Specifications subject to change without notice.

If you require any help or assistance then please call or email us. sales@dynapro.co.uk