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Dyna Run V3 Software, total dynamometer control.

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Transport for London (TFL) ULEZ

Dynamometers and Software now available.


Sub Contract Laser Cutting Service

Dyna Pro has invested in an Amada Laser Cutting machine. Currently being commissioned.

We will be offering a sub-contact laser cutting service. Most metals, plastics and wood.


Latest Software Released

The latest release of ‘Dyna Run V3’ Dynamometer control software Version 3.23.0 has now been released to all registered users.


Updated Ignition Pick-Up

Newly developed and updated Ignition Pick-Up System, please contact Dyna Pro for more information.


Used Equipment Section

There is now a 'Used Equipment' section with our current used stock list. All used equipment comes with a manufactures parts warranty, and can be dispatched immediately.


New Online Shop (Coming Soon)

There will shortly be an online shop for all spares and accessories for your Dyna Pro Dynamometer. Secure check-out with the confidence of Pay-Pal.

Orders will normally be dispatched within 24 hours. 



Current News


Transport for London (TFL) ULEZ

Dynamometers and Software now available.


New version of Dyna Run V3 has now been released.

Version 3.23.0 of Dyna Run software has now been released to all registered users.



Recent News


Dyna Pro to Release Car Dynamometers


Dyna Pro Dynamometers have announced the release of there Car Dynamometers, the first two models will be capable of 600 hp and 1000hp.

More details to be released soon.


Dyna Run V3 Software




With Dyno Pro's advanced windows software, 'Dyna Run V3',  operating the Dynamometer is simple and user friendly. All software is free for life and you will never be charged for standard software upgrades, if you purchased your Dynamometer from Dyna Pro or one of its Authorized Distributers. 'Dyna Run V3' software upgrades are usually released once per year. Current software releases are shown below.


Dyna Run V3 Disk PAU Parameter File Disk

Dyna Run V3 Software
Current Software Version: 3.23.0
(Standard with all Dynamometers)

PAU Parameter Files
Current PAU Data Version: 2.0.0
(Only Required with LC Dynamometers)


Current Language resource files:

  • English
  • French
  • Simplified Chinese

Software Overview (Dyna Run)


Dyna Run V4 - Make Run Screen
'Dyna Run V4' - Make Run Screen 


Save Dyno Run  Save Dyno Run 
Edit your Company Detail  Edit your Company Details 
Configure all Real-Time clocks Configure all Real-Time clocks and displays,
Engineering Data Units Edit all Engineering Data Units
Wind Drag Simulation Set-up  Wind Drag Simulation Set-up 
Standard Linear Static Test   Standard Linear Static Test  
User Defined Static Test  User Defined Static Test 
RAM-Air Simulation Set-up  RAM-Air Simulation Set-up 

Software Overview (Dyna View)


Dyna View Screen
'Dyna View' - Graphing Mode



Software Download


Download   Description    Date   File Size 
Dyna Run V3 Software Manual   Dyna Run V3 Software Manual   01/01/2011   9.88MB
Dyna View Software Manual   Dyna View Software Manual   01/01/2011    5.70MB 
Dyna Run V3 Download   Dyna Run V3 Software
  (Please note that you will need a password from
  Dyna Pro Dynamometers to open this file)
 (Released: 28/05/2023)
Dyna Pro|USB Drivers   Dyna Pro USB Drivers  02/05/2018   1.2MB 


Specifications subject to change without notice.

If you require any help or assistance then please call or email us. sales@dynapro.co.uk