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Transport for London (TFL) ULEZ

Dynamometers and Software now available.


Sub Contract Laser Cutting Service

Dyna Pro has invested in an Amada Laser Cutting machine. Currently being commissioned.

We will be offering a sub-contact laser cutting service. Most metals, plastics and wood.


Latest Software Released

The latest release of ‘Dyna Run V3’ Dynamometer control software Version 3.23.0 has now been released to all registered users.


Updated Ignition Pick-Up

Newly developed and updated Ignition Pick-Up System, please contact Dyna Pro for more information.


Used Equipment Section

There is now a 'Used Equipment' section with our current used stock list. All used equipment comes with a manufactures parts warranty, and can be dispatched immediately.


New Online Shop (Coming Soon)

There will shortly be an online shop for all spares and accessories for your Dyna Pro Dynamometer. Secure check-out with the confidence of Pay-Pal.

Orders will normally be dispatched within 24 hours. 



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Transport for London (TFL) ULEZ

Dynamometers and Software now available.


New version of Dyna Run V3 has now been released.

Version 3.23.0 of Dyna Run software has now been released to all registered users.



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Dyna Pro to Release Car Dynamometers


Dyna Pro Dynamometers have announced the release of there Car Dynamometers, the first two models will be capable of 600 hp and 1000hp.

More details to be released soon.


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Dyna Pro Dynamometers Ltd has established itself over the years as a leading manufacturer of professional Chassis Dynamometers in the UK; we have a reputation for thinking ‘outside the box’ designing cutting edge dynamometer systems that achieve unrivalled control over the vehicle being tested. This commitment to pushing the boundaries of engine tuning has led to a range of Dynamometers to suit our customer's requirements.

Dyna Pro Dynamometer Ltd is owned and managed by transgendered director Suzy Dent, previously known as Kevin, but the history behind Dyna Pro Dynamometers is a long one, of which spans back three generations of a family steeped in racing.

The first generation was Suzy Dent’s Grandfather who built and raced bikes and Hydroplanes. The next generation, Father John Dent, raced Speedway, Grass-Track and Karts, and later went on to mechanic for Cooper Racing Cars and McLaren in Formula 1. In 1976 John Dent started an engineering company, John Dent Engineering Co., specialising in precision sheet metal work, CNC punching, CNC Laser cutting, folding, and welding. Suzy Dent joined the team in the early 80’s, bringing to the company Software Development, Electronics and Mechanical Engineering.
250cc Division 1 Superkart
Suzy’s passion for racing comes from her racing of 250cc two-stroke Superkarts. In the mid 90’s Suzy started building her first Dyno to help with engine development and setting up of her race engines. She started off with a little hydraulic oil-pump type rig, which destroyed itself in about two hours, but it had done its job.

In Suzy Dent’s own pursuit of two-stroke power perfection, she then went on to design a water-brake Dyno but discovered that it was unsuitable for her two-stoke engine development, the next development was for an Inertial, or acceleration Dyno, called Accu-Dyno. It was an advanced dynamometer which could control engine water temperature, change gears; operate the clutch and accelerator, all remotely from a computer. This was the start of things to come.

Soon after Suzy was being asked to build these bench top dynamometers for other people. She started to think that it might be a viable proposition because most of the groundwork had already been done with Accu-Dyno, and the Engineering Company would have no problems producing the physical side of the Dyno.

In 2003 Suzy started to design and build the first of the commercial Dynamometers, and as with all firstborns, it was given a great deal of attention, and painted in blue and yellow. In 2004 Suzy christened the company Dyna Pro, of which was a subsidiary of JD Engineering and with that registered the name Dyna Pro, and its trademark colours of blue and yellow.
AccuDyno - Bench Top Inertia
In 2006 Suzy and her team continued designing and developing, and it wasn’t long before the sequel, Eddy-Brake Dynamometers, Suzy applied her usual innovative design skills to produce and Eddy-Brake controlled Dynamometer, with advanced power control systems and fast computer communications.

2008 saw Dyna Pro breakaway from JD Engineering and relocate to its new factory in Basingstoke, Hampshire United Kingdom.

In 2009, Dyna Pro Dynamometers Limited was formed and took over all aspects of Dyna Pro. In 2010 Dyna Pro’s markets were expanded into a growing Asian marketplace.

In 2011 Dyna pro developed the first of its 2- and 4-
wheel drive Car Dynamometers capable of handling up to 1500 Horse Power.

Dyna Pro Dynamometers has a continued policy of design and development whether it is mechanical, electronic or software, this that Dyna Pro Dynamometers can respond to an ever-changing market and with a dedicated workforce, and our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction is paramount to the Dyna Pro Dynamometer philosophy.

If you wish to contact us, we'd be happy to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about our products or services.

Dyna Pro Dynamometers Limited
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International: +44 (0) 1256 363063

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If you require any help or assistance then please call or email us. sales@dynapro.co.uk